Geotechnical Engineering

Our services include:

  • Planning and scoping studies
  • Investigation supervision
  • Parameter verification
  • Design and analysis
  • Risk and optimisation studies

Our geotechnical engineers have vast experience providing investigation, interpretation and design recommendations for a wide range of civil projects including; foundations, earthworks, cut and fill slope stability and retaining structures. All our recommendations and designs are accompanied by detailed geotechnical analysis using the most advanced geotechnical software.

Projects include foundations, earthworks, cut and fill slope stability, retaining structures. From major infrastructure in built up areas to remote locations, our geotechnical engineering services factor in site conditions and design for soil/structural interaction.

Civil Engineering

Our services include:

  • Earthworks
  • Hydrology and flood analysis
  • Stormwater management and drainage design
  • Water balance (using Goldsim)
  • Hydraulic structures (spillways, culverts, levees, sediment basins)
  • Road, pavement and hardstand design
  • Water management plans and erosion and sediment control plans

Civil engineering forms the backbone to the services we provide , allowing us to combine our geotechnical and water engineering expertise to design more efficient structures. Our team also includes structural engineers, hydrological modellers and pavement engineers that focus on getting the best from existing site conditions.

REE has invested heavily in acquiring state of the art modelling software to allow pragmatic decision making and management of site specific risks, rather than just applying the relevant standards.

Geosynthetic Engineering

Our Services include:

  • Geomembrane Liner Selection and Design
  • Geocomposite Drainage Systems
  • Leak detection and collection systems
  • Geostructures (bladder tanks / floating covers)
  • Independent liner integrity testing (LIT)
  • Soil improvement using geogrids and geotextiles

REE leads the industry in innovative use of geosynthetics for challenging applications, pushing the technology and materials to the limit including the use of specialised geomembrane liners and geosynthetics in the Coal Seam Gas industry, and for the bulk storage of extremely aggressive process fluids. Our storage tank designs are a more flexible and economic alternative to large steel tanks for mine and refinery applications. Our technical understanding ensures the correct grades and combination of geosynthetics are applied.

REE also utilises the skills of world renowned experts and researchers to complement our in-house skills to ensure the lat est products are used to optimise the designs for our clients.

Tailings & Water Dams

Our Services include:

  • Dam design (OOM, PFS, FS)
  • Closure design and planning
  • Risk reviews
  • Dam break analysis
  • Consequence category assessment
  • Tailings characterisation
  • Tailings deposition modelling
  • Operational plans
  • Emergency planning
  • Annual inspections
  • Constructability reviews

REE has a proven track record for providing a dynamic and flexible design process that creates safe, constructible, fit-for-purpose assets. In doing so clients benefit from significant cost and schedule benefits, and the highest level of confidence in the assets integrity. We have extensive experience in geotechnical and geosynthetic engineering, water management, and water balance and tailings deposition behaviour.

REE can also assist with the design of delivery and decant infrastructure. We specialise in the use of Muck3D to accurately predict tailings deposition and maximise storage efficiency.

Peer Review / Subject Matter Expert

Our services include:

  • Design development
  • Internal and external approvals
  • Interaction with operations
  • Contracting and procurement strategy
  • Tendering and evaluation
  • Execution planning

Early involvement of REE’s subject matter experts will improve your project's outcomes. REE offers expert project support in-house, or externally as your trusted consulting firm. We are experienced in contracting and procurement, project management, execution, commissioning and handover of projects.

We are dedicated to safety and delivering tailored design solutions with a holistic project management approach where quality assurance is front of mind. This allows us to consistently deliver on clients’ requirements, and also proactively manage risks.

Construction Support & Quality Assurance

Our services include:

  • Inspections
  • Material testing and acceptance criteria
  • Construction verification and certification
  • Claims management and contractual dispute resolution
  • Value engineering
  • Temporary structures
  • Quality assurance management
  • Auditing of external soil laboratories

REE are specialists in providing all aspects of construction engineering support, from material testing and instrumentation to survey and final project close-out reporting.

We apply appropriate and accurate quality assurance nd quality control testing throughout the project. We can also assist with the compilation of as-built reports, monitoring and maintenance plans.

REE’s Principal Engineers are contractually astute and can provide support for relevant claims or assist in resolution of relevant contractual disputes.