REE develops innovative and practical Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs) for tailings dams’ operations at Rio Tinto sites

The importance of tailings dams’ (or Tailings Storage Facilities – TSFs) governance, particularly following recent incidents in Brazil and Australia has once again shone the spotlight on the safety of mining operations, and specifically their dams (ref. ).

Implementation of Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs) are an invaluable tool.  TARPs are a monitoring and response procedure that allows continued safe operations of TSFs. They describe what variations in instrument readings or observations warrant responses and what those responses should be.

TARPs cover the key inspection and monitoring items for TSFs along with actions for various triggers using traffic light assessment methods.  TARPs should provide site-based personnel (e.g. TSF operators) clear and concise decision-making tools.

Based on governance requirements, TARPs are recommended at all mines sites operating TSFs (and other high-risk dams).  REE can assist with TARP implementation so please contact us.

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