REE continues to build reputation as the mine haul road experts

REE were awarded the concept development and detailed design of four proposed haul roads across three mine sites throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Additionally, REE were also engaged to undertake haul road safety and compliance auditing for another mine site in Queensland. REE were recognised by the clients as being industry leaders in haul road design achieving capital cost savings, improved production and increased safety. The Study Lead, Engineering Services at Rio Tinto Alcan said that REE are their haul roads designers of choice.

“REE were previously engaged to develop our haul road network expansion and provided a flexible and pragmatic design approach, which resulted in optimised alignments helping us to achieve our production targets. I value the input I get from REE on my projects as they are very experienced in their specialised field and are able to provide swift and valuable insight and experience to my project, often ending in efficient and effective solutions to the issues I face throughout delivery.”

Check out a quick animation, outputted from the specialist software we use, for one of our recently designed haul roads. These animations can be an effective tool for stakeholder engagement rather than the typical design drawing package, contact us for any haul road design queries you might have.

If you’re looking for specialist haul road design and safety expertise, please contact us.

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