Celebrating 10 Years of Red Earth Engineering

The 24th March 2019 marked an exciting milestone for Red Earth Engineering (REE) as we celebrate 10 years in business. Started in the middle of the GFC (2009), REE was born out of the need to bridge the gap between consultants and clients.

We based our business on some very simple ideologies:

  • listen to the needs of our clients
  • always provide tangible value
  • surround ourselves with excellent people

As the business has grown, we have continued to demonstrate that our integrated approach to consulting works exceeds client expectations as we deliver solutions rather than more questions. Our brand has become well known and trusted amongst the world’s largest mining and oil/gas companies. As an Australian owned SME, we are proud to compete with multinational consulting businesses and often find that we set the standard for delivery.

Throughout our 10 years, we have travelled to places such as Senegal, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Guinea, USA, and Canada. This is in addition to our exciting projects throughout Australia, many of which we have a long association with. REE has not only excelled in some of the most exciting areas of geotechnical engineering associated with tailings dams and geosynthetics associated with aggressive liquors, we have also become a leader in the emerging challenges associated with closure. Our stewardship in this area has been recognised by regulatory bodies in Australia who have appointed REE as their peer reviewer for marquee closure projects.

We have grown our capabilities to include geotechnical, geosynthetic, civil and water engineering services for infrastructure including roads, platforms, tailings, water and waste water dams. Our pragmatic approach and long standing clients reflects our reputation as being a key provider of these services.

The 10 years has not been without its challenges. As an industry, tailings dam engineering has been forced to evolve. Previously an afterthought of the mine, where every dollar spent was intensely challenged, based on undesirable financial burden, tailings dams are now front and centre of each mining company’s fundamental need to maintain their License to Operate.

REE has continued to drive the step-change in engineering, leading in the geotechnical investigation and engineering required to provide confidence in these structures #FLACMAN. It is very humbling to be called upon as subject matter experts in these areas, and we are often asked to review, audit and/or participate in independent corporate compliance and governance requirements with clients. REE also performs the role of the Engineer of Record for some of the sites where we have a long operating background.

So, what have we achieved in 10 years? We’ve built a company that we feel employs some of Australia’s best engineers, including three new directors in 2013, that diversified our work while excelling our growth. We continue to work with outstanding clients (some of whom have become close friends), purchased offices, accomplished exceptional outcomes in often challenging environments and continue to receive recognition as we go.

With a long list of proud accomplishments, we now look to the future and focus on our vision statement “Technically driven, outcome focussed” which will shape the way we work and grow for the next 10 years. And not to forget to have fun along the way. Finally, without clients, REE would not exist. We look forward to the continued support of our existing clients and meeting and forging long-term relationships with many new clients over the next 10 years.


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